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Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica Power Bender Tuning-TWO HARPS IN ONE! US Stock

Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica Power Bender Tuning-TWO HARPS IN ONE! US Stock

Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica Power Bender Tuning-TWO HARPS IN ONE! US Stock    Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica Power Bender Tuning-TWO HARPS IN ONE! US Stock

Lucky 13 Designer BRENDAN POWER Explains the Different Types. In association with EASTTOP, I'm proud to be able to offer the Lucky 13 in seven. All of them share these great common features.

World's first 13-hole harmonica! The same 7.5mm hole spacing as a normal 10-hole. Harp, which means it's easy to adapt to Comfortable smooth coverplates, bottom.

Cover raised at the bass end so the draw reeds never rattle Solid comb, flat-sanded. Durable phosphor-bronze reeds Thick chromed reedplates, secured with 11 screws. For uniform airtightness Clear visual numbering on top coverplate Key indicators on.

Front and ends of the comb, for those who like to stack harps vertically Our unique. LOOK-DOTS: handy little position markers on the front of the comb, which ensure. You'll never lose your place on this bigger harp.

Exactly 4 octave range in standard Richter tuning, with a fat lower octave added on to. The normal 10-hole range - great for chords and octaves! The top cover relates to the 10-hole diatonic, for familiarity. Combined = Two Harps in One! Available in all 12 keys. PADDY- RICHTER TUNING: 3 blow note raised a tone. Just one note change in the bottom two octaves makes a huge difference! You to play melodically through the whole range. Very popular for Irish and American. Fiddle tunes, but also great for pop and blues playing. Half-valved for extra power on. Available in keys C, G, D. Draw note is always higher than the blow, which means you can BEND EVERY.

DRAW NOTE throughout the whole range! PowerBender replaces all the middle. Octave overblows of Richter with simple draw bends, to make jazzy playing in multiple. 4 octave range, draw bends in every hole = Heaven in a Blues. A great tuning for traditional blues harp players, because it retains ALL the familiar.

Richter scale in holes 1-6, plus gives you an extra bottom octave added on, for easy. Instead of the confusing high octave change of breath. Pattern in Richter tuning, PowerDraw keeps the same pattern throughout the harp: the.

Draw note is always higher than the blow. This means you can bend all the draw notes. Solo Tuning is used on chromatic harmonicas, so many players will be familiar with it.

An excellent tuning for playing pop melodies, it's also great for playing 3rd Position. It's half-valved, to give strong, expressive blow notes as well. As bendable draw notes on the odd-numbered holes. Available in keys C, G and D. Only two notes different to Solo tuning, but they have a big effect: now every single. Draw note can be bent! This makes for great bluesy expression as well as enabling. You to play jazzy tunes with ease, using draw bending alone. The first time this simply brilliant harmonica scale has been offered in an out-of-the.

If you want to play in all 12 keys on one diatonic as an increasing number. Of players do, Diminished is undoubtedly the easiest and most logical way to do it.

Besides full chromaticism with simple draw bends, the big advantage of Diminished. Tuning is that there are ONLY THREE PATTERNS TO LEARN for any scale or lick, in. Jiangsu East Musical Instrument Co.

Ltd was set up in 1997, has more than 400 employees, set up three harmonica production bases, to produce separately different grades, different quality, different brands of harmonicas, melodicas, recorders and tambourines etc. Our company adopts advanced automatic equipment to produce, a accurate tuning method, imported welding and pitch equipment, make sure all products can meet the international standards. Quality is our core element to ensure quality improved and production increased. So far through our well-built brand "EASTTOP" harmonica, it's with full range and rich in products. The tremolo, chromatic, blues, alto, octave, bass, chord, Disheng ect harmonica, have great tone, strong representation and long service life, it's accepted by more and more domestic and international harmonica players, which can be compared with imported harmonicas.

Many famous harmonica team already used EASTTOP harmonicas instead of imported one, and have received excellent performance reception. We are selected "TOP 50 of China Musical Instrument Industry" by China Musical Instrument Association many times, EASTTOP brand is Jiangsu famous brand, Bee brand harmonica, EASTTOP harmonica is Jiangsu famous brand product. Our company Win the national hi-tech enterprise. Join US, Made For The Music Of Life.

East top is quite popular worldwide, supported by millions of. Harmonica enthusiasts and music fans, versatile for all levels of players. East top becomes the top choice of more and more famous band.

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  • Tuning: PowerBender
  • Tuning keys: key of A
  • Key: as we have wrote
  • Instrument: Harmonica
  • Type: Diatonic Harmonica
  • Color: Blue
  • Skill Level: Professional
  • Brand: Easttop
  • Set Includes: Case

Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica Power Bender Tuning-TWO HARPS IN ONE! US Stock    Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica Power Bender Tuning-TWO HARPS IN ONE! US Stock